Next Vitrum in Italy

30 janvier 2013

The next Vitrum exhibition, the more important show for flat glass, machines and tools, will take place in Milan, from 23 to 26 october 2013.

Web site for flat glass processing, machines and tools.

GLASSPRINT 2011 conference

5 novembre 2011

On 23 and 24 november 2011 Glasstec organize Glassprint 2011 in Dusseldorf about the last technologies about decoration on flat and hollow glass.

Report sur Vitrum

3 novembre 2011

A report about the next Vitrum will be on line witin few days.

Restlessness before Vitrum opening after Glass Build America show

21 octobre 2011

Stagnation is the aptest term to describe the general atmosphere at this year’s Glass Build America, a “disappointing event because there were no tangible signs of a propensity to invest again, with companies continuing to work on a day by day basis », as was bluntly put by the President of Vitrum, Mr. Dino Fenzi.

The American economy as a whole is still under considerable pressure and this time, as if by a perfect historical nemesis, seems to be suffering from the financial and economic meltdown that has paralyzed growth in Europe. The same holds true for the construction industry despite the preliminary signs of recovery at the beginning of the year. The flat glass industry is bearing the brunt of the crisis as confirmed by some comments from Gimav member companies, participating in Glass Build America with the largest group stand  of foreign exhibitors.


With some exceptions however. Such as Mappi International, a producer of furnaces for flat glass tempering, that can rely on an established market and a large client base in the United States: « The market is extremely weak and our impression was repeatedly confirmed while at Glass Build America. However, we cannot complain – says Nancy Mammaro, owner of the Rome-based company – we are being very successful as our company is widely recognized  and has long-standing clients who enable us to achieve satisfactory results ».


Equally positive were the comments by Bottero, at the exhibition with two standard but fully operational machines: « We were very positively surprised from the first exhibition day because we attracted many visitors,  with some high-caliber professionals” – says Stefano Forlani, North America sales manager – “After the show, the results appeared even more interesting because many orders were placed. We reckoned that we attracted so much attention at the show because we were the only ones offering live demonstrations with glass, whereas in the other booths, machinery was not in use and attracted few visitors ». But what is the actual state of health of the American market? « The East Coast and the South Eastern states have started moving out of the doldrums, whereas the central states and the West Coast are still feeling the pinch; the Midwest has large-scale projects and great expectations on the drawing board but no orders were placed. The situation is rosier in Canada, which suffered during the previous crisis and has now shifted into higher gear to the benefit of everyone. In 2011 we have recovered much of the ground lost in 2009 and 2010 and everything points to a satisfactory 2012″, said Forlani.

Fluctuating situations with interesting silver linings but that do not point to a clear path of growth. What Glass Build America — a great and well-organized exhibition staged in a very attractive facility– has shown, is a potentially buoyant US market that is still incapable of  planning any medium-term strategy.


Next glass show in Australia, Ausfenex 2011, in september

15 juillet 2011

The Australia is going to organize the first exhibition and conference on fenastration industry in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia from 21 to 23 -09-2011

Glassman 2012 in Mexico

13 juillet 2011

Next YEAR, from 15 to 16 may 2012 Glassman exhibition and conferences will take place in Mexico.

Next 2011 Glassman Show

13 juillet 2011

The next Glassman conference and show will take place in Middle East from 22 to 23 November 2011, in Sheraton Istanbul Atakoy.

After Barcelona last May, Glassman is a moving event about mainly hommow glass but also flat glass with conferences and show about technology, equipments, machines, tolls and services.

Vincent Breed from Lyon, glass carving, exhibition in Hong Kong

17 mai 2011



An Event of Le French May – DUET
Works by Vincent Breed & Louis Boudreault
Date: May 5th – 27th, 2011
Opening Reception: May 5th, 2011, 6pm – 8pm (Artist will be present.)
Location:  Art Beatus Gallery, 50 Peel Street, G/F, Central (Soho Area), Hong Kong

Duet is an aesthetic presentation of two artists who work with two totally different media for one joint celebration of contemporary creativity.

Vincent Breed from Lyon, France, is known for his poetic manipulation of the blown glass techniques. His intricate control of the material has pushed the exquisite beauty of glass sculpturing to new limits. He literally makes his glass pieces dance for him.

Breed was born in Haarlem, Netherlands in 1971 and moved to France with his family when he was twelve years old. Having graduated in Industrial Design, he then joined the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg. He trained with various international glass masters before setting up his own workshop in 1999. Vincent has worked with other prominent design artists such as Jean Nouvel and Matali Crasset. He will represent French Art Glass at the Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art 2011.

French-Canadian Louis Boudreault captivates viewers with his personal style of portrayal and aesthetic presentation of his works. His depiction of the childhood faces of the famous and powerful is narrating history as well as evoking collective memories.

Boudreault was born in Québec, Canada in 1965 and studied in l’Ecole du Louvre in Paris. He works mainly in Montréal and the North American art scene.

Duet, an event of Le French May, starts on May 5th, 2011 and goes on for three weeks.

Glassman Europe 2011 conference programme update, Barcelona

17 mai 2011



Last Glassman Europe 2011 conference programme update



The updated conference programme is now online featuring case studies, product profiles and market analysis presented by key players from the international glassmaking industry including:
DuPont Fermac  Glass Packaging Institute  JLI Vision   Nikolaus Sorg GmbH  MASCHINENFABRIK GUSTAV EIRICH GmbH  Pneumofore  Pyrotek  Saint-Gobain SEFPRO   Sklostroj  Sorg  Vespel  XPAR Vision




New innovative workshop for 2011 GPD Finland

17 mai 2011

Next GPD event will introduce a new innovative workshop

Besides the 18 Workshops that follow the format you are familiar with, GPD Finland 2011 brings you a totally new workshop concept: The Future of Architectural Glass Industry aims to define the megatrends of the architectural glass industry in the future.

The workshop is targeted to company top management, factory owners, and professionals of product development, sales and marketing. After a mind-opening introduction, participants will be divided in three groups that will, in parallel, focus on defining the future trends. Respected specialists will give opening remarks on the specific trends in the beginning of each parallel section of the workshop. Thereafter the fruits of teamwork and group discussion will be collected and summed up in the conclusion speech.


GPD Conference and Glass Exhibition 17 – 20 June, 2011